About us

Ontime.menu is a company founded in Ticino, which promotes a simple yet innovative mission :

Eat well, without waiting!

Ontime.Menu began from a simple idea.

It was a day like many others, we were incredibly busy at work and didn't think we would have time to go to the restaurant. A sandwich on the go seemed to be the only solution.

But that day we made a discovery.

When a friend of ours invited us to join him at a restaurant in the area, the idea came to mind: after sending us the photos of the menu, our friend took our orders.

The dishes were immediately served to us upon arrival, it was a really special feeling. We felt privileged and we could finally enjoy a break outside of the office.
The extra time that we had saved meant that some of us could stop in the center to do other tasks before heading back to the office.

Since then, our goal is to promote this feeling of exclusivity and to share it with others

Christian, Ceo & Founder of Ontime.menu

Team and Key Roles
  • Christian D. Milano, CEO & Founder (middle)
  • Abdul Wahed Mehran, CTO & Partner (right)
  • Gabriele Bonanno, Business Developer & Partner (left)
  • Jacopo Barcellandi, CMO, Sales & Partner (not in the photo)
How does it work?

Through the Ontime.menu application you can:

  • See the offers of the day
  • Select the time of your meal
  • Pre-order the dish of your choice
  • Pay directly via smartphone
  • Avoid waiting ... and leave the premises without having to wait any longer
  • Fully enjoy the experience
Other useful information:

Our team is confident to guarantee great quality restaurants

Furthermore, you can always count on our policy. We know how important your time is.

We care about your opinion. If you have any comments or questions of any kind, please contact us via our social media channels or click here to send us an email